I am a bioinformatician working in pathogen genomics. I am heading a group that provides bioinformatics support for a medical microbiology department of an academic hospital. We design, write and maintain pipelines and databases for genomic or metagenomic analyses, carry out or advise on analysis of high-throughput sequencing data and provide bioinformatics education and consultation.

My research interest is to find patterns in DNA sequencing data and to apply this knowledge to the genomic epidemiology of organisms causing infectious diseases. I am interested in the genomics of plasmids and other mobile genetic elements. During my phD, I researched typing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by whole genome sequence analysis. During my postdoc, I identified and reconstructed virus genomes from metagenome data.

I am passionate about teaching and supervising, because I like to share my enthousiasm for bioinformatics, open science and reproducible research as a way to do difficult tasks better, faster, stronger. I teach university courses and Carpentries workshops as an instructor and contribute to lesson development as a member of Curriculum Advisory Committee of the Data Carpentry Genomics curriculum.